Our values

One hand knows what the other is doing: We manufacture our products 100% in-house and the individual production steps are perfectly integrated. In this way we create synergies and optimize use of existing knowledge now and in the future. 

Our products are worth their price. Our customers know they are investing in a reliable solution with high quality, first-class workmanship and individualized features. 

We listen very carefully to what you say. It's not a problem if you want something special – finding a solution is what turns us on. Together we can achieve a perfect result.

How we work

  • Reliability is the measure of everything we do.
  • Long-term partnerships are our power source.
  • We keep our promises, and we are proud of or reputation as a trustworthy partner.
  • High quality and continuous improvement make us fit for the future.
  • Tradition and experience are our roots.
  • New trends and innovations motivate us to do great work.