Cabs are our passion

In our factory in Breitenau, Austria, we use the newest machines to build high-value products to unbeatable quality standards. Our in-house manufacturing operations cover the complete process from the raw materials to the finished product. The following work steps are done in one factory:


FEM analysis

We develop and design our cabs based on customers’ individual requirements.


Prototype building
Safety testing

The prototypes are made in our own factory and subjected to an exacting testing programme in accordance with strict guidelines. We carry out all the necessary tests such as ROPS, FOPS and TOPS for all cabs.

Plastic parts

Injection moulding

Almost all of the small plastic parts we use are made on our own injection moulding lines. Larger plastic components are outsourced and then finished in-house.

Sheet-metal cutting

Laser cutting
Punch laser machines

Our new laser cutting machines and punch laser machines enable us to make a full range of parts and to carry out the most demanding processing steps. The parts from laser cutting are then formed in out bending presses.


Electric presses
Hydraulic presses

Our fully automatic bending machines form parts precisely, economically and exactly as we designed them. This enables us to bend and cut many different kinds of metal profiles.


TIG welding
Laser welding
Pipe welding machine

Welding is done using welding robots and also manually, by our certified welders. Deburring machines and our dedicated grinding shop then apply the perfect finish.


Folding press
Metal brake
Folding machine

One aspect of making such good cabs is that we make all our folded metal parts ourselves.


Surface preparation
Cathodic dip priming
Powder coating

Our coating process ensures an especially smooth, elastic, tough surface treatment, equal to the highest standards of economic and ecological performance in the automotive industry. This is the way to create long-lasting metal parts – rust protection included.

Interior fittings

Touch & feel
System integration
Long life

Our cabs work well in every work environment and combine the highest levels of functionality and comfort.


Quality control

After we fabricate components exactly to the individual design, we assemble them carefully into complete cabs. We ensure the highest quality of workmanship and productivity.