Quality and safety are our top priority. We have the following certifications:
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 3834 - 2


To guarantee the safety of our customers, we put our products through rigorous testing.


Testing as ‘roll over protective structures’ ensures that the driver is protected from the weight of the vehicle, and the possible resulting injuries, in the event of an accident.


The ‘falling object protection structure’ test ensures that the cab is able to protect the driver from falling objects, providing a high safety level in a working environment that contains such hazards

Sealing test

We routinely test the weatherproofing of our cabs in the closed state. We supply customized products with certified tests in accordance with your requirements.


Innovation prize of Lower Austria and the Lower Austria Chamber of Economy 2016; top place in the ranking of Austria’s Leading Companies (ALC) Lower Austria, category ‘Lower Austria/International’.