Cabs that can do everything

Every cab is made for a special application. Tractors, golf carts, construction machines, wide-area mowers, forklifts, airport utility vehicles: each use has very different requirements. But our cabs all have some things in common: the best materials, perfect workmanship and top quality.
The guarantee of such high standards is the combination of our deep experience combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.


Park maintenance
Winter maintenance

Municipal service vehicles must have high levels of comfort and safety, and low noise emissions, in compliance with regulations. You can count on us to take care of these aspects as well as your specific needs.


Mobile cranes

Our cabs for construction vehicles meet the highest standards for comfort and safety of workers. They comply with the principles of ergonomics and the requirements of BG Bau, the employers’ insurance organization of the German construction industry. All our cabs are ROPS and FOPS tested.

We also supply cabs for all kinds of mobile cranes. In these designs we focus on light weight and a good all-round field of view.


Mowing machines

Cabs for agricultural vehicles need to be especially robust and weatherproof, and these are the priorities we keep in mind while developing your individual design. We work closely with testing centres to ensure your safety.


Factory transport vehicles
Tow tractors

To meet the needs of your customers, we make many different variants. In order to keep the vehicles working reliably in the long-term, we have a rapid spares supply service.

Airport utility vehicles

Special-purpose vehicles

Airport vehicles are subject to strict and country-specific regulations. We will develop your cab in line with these requirements. All the cabs are designed for ease of operation and all-round vision.

Sports vehicles

Utility vehicles
Golf carts
Hunting cars

A cab from Walter Mauser is the solution you need for sports and leisure vehicles. Our cabs are also used for staff and maintenance vehicles in large sports facilities.

Using the latest lightweight construction techniques, our products also help improve the energy efficiency of electric vehicles.