60 years on the right track

More than 60 years ago, Walter and Heidi Mauser founded Walter Mauser GmbH. They began as a workshop producing weather canopies for tractors, but the company has grown into a high-precision manufacturer of safety cabs. Now the family business has around 300 employees and is highly successful in international markets.


60 years

In 2020 we celebrated our 60th anniversary. Since 1960 we have made a name for stability, pioneering spirit and future visions – in development of cabs but also in the way we run our family business.



In March 2018 we had to say goodbye to the company founder Walter Mauser, who died at the age of 80.
In him we lost a great economic and social pioneer who left a deep and lasting impression on the Austrian business community.



We presented our all-purpose cab concept, the Cab2000, at Agritechnica in Hannover. It meets every demand for safety, comfort, ergonomics and productivity.


50 years

For our 50th anniversary, we produced a commemorative book in which Walter Mauser looks back on a successful life as a company founder, pioneer, businessman and father of a family.

from 1974

Steady growth

CAB-404 and CAB-505 are followed by many more cab variants for use with all kinds of different utility vehicles.



The best-selling retrofit cabs in Austria are Types CAB-404 (narrow) and CAB-505 (wide). These models are thoroughly tested and certified under the OECD standard. At times in the 70s, the demand for these cabs outstrips our production capacity.


Development of the SK-300

The ‘super cab’ 300, with its tip-up windscreen, is a breakthrough in roll protection. It is the basis of all the later cab designs.

from 1964

An attraction at shows

The indestructible Mauser weather canopy attracts a lot of attention at shows. A lot of visitors – any buyers – are impressed by the spectacular roll-over demonstration.


First successes

The Mauser weather canopies become an essential piece of equipment on Austrian tractors. The factory is running at full capacity.


The first weather canopies

The company founders Heidi and Walter Mauser discover a market opportunity: removable weather canopies that fit on all Austrian tractors. Walter welds the frames, Heidi organizes the coverings.